General Dentistry

A healthy smile is essential for overall health. That’s why Renato Carpinito, DMD in Medford, MA is here to provide you with all of the general dentistry treatments you need to keep your smile in tip-top shape for life. Our team is professional, caring and family-friendly, and we are proud to work with patients of all ages. During each treatment, we make it a priority to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. At our practice, we are also proud to offer cosmetic and restorative treatments.

We Help You Gain a Healthy Smile for Life

Exams & Cleanings

Young boy during a dental exam
Twice a year, you should come to our office for an oral exam and teeth cleaning. Even if you have great dental hygiene, you may still have some tough-to-remove plaque and tartar that needs removal or developing dental issues that should be addressed as soon as possible. At these appointments, we will thoroughly clean and polish the teeth, as well as check for symptoms of dental decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. We will also provide oral hygiene advice customized to your unique needs. We educate you on how to best take care of your teeth from home, so you can keep your smile healthy.

Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x rays
Digital x-rays are an important diagnostic tool that we use at our practice. Some dental issues cannot be seen during a visual exam. These issues include decay, impacted teeth and jaw bone damage. A digital x-ray produces images immediately and allows us to find these issues and provide treatment quickly. Plus, digital radiography exposes patients to a significantly reduced amount of radiation as compared to traditional radiography.


Dentures and partials are removable options for replacing missing teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth, we can create dentures for you that restore the appearance and functionality of your smile. Using precise measurements of your mouth, jaws, and face, we make dentures that will be comfortable and allow you to chew and speak with ease. We offer a wide range of denture options, including:
Full dentures Partials Acrylic Plastic
Soft and Hard Relines Implant-Retained Adjustments and Repairs

Fluoride Treatments

Mother and daughter smiling with healthy teeth
Fluoride is an element that helps to strengthen tooth enamel, protecting it from decay. Most tap water is fluoridated, but children often need more fluoride in order to properly strengthen their teeth. At our practice, we provide children with routine fluoride treatments, to make sure their teeth stay as healthy and strong as possible.


Dental tools for extractions
When you have a tooth that is severely decayed or broken beyond saving, we will complete an extraction. During an extraction, we remove the tooth and the root. To make this procedure as comfortable as possible, we will provide local anesthesia. After the extraction, we will discuss options for replacing the tooth, which include dentures, dental implants and bridges.

Dental Sealants

Young girl with dental sealants brushing her teeth
We often provide dental sealants for children. Sealants are plastic coatings that we place on the top of children’s back molars. Children’s back molars have many ridges, which make them difficult to thoroughly clean. Sealants help block out food, plaque, and tartar, protecting these teeth from decay.


Young adult girl at the dentist for a mouthguard
If you are an athlete, it is very important that you protect your teeth! Wearing a mouthguard can save you from the pain and cost that comes from getting a tooth knocked out. At our practice we will custom-create a mouthguard for you that fits comfortably and securely in your mouth. Then you can focus on the game!
Mother and daughter brushing their teeth togetherFor more information about our general dentistry services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 781-393-9000. We offer free consultations!